The 3 Most Motivating Spoonie Blogger/ Vloggers ..

When I first sat down to write this blog, I contacted all my favourite bloggers/ vloggers and to be honest I felt a mad mix of emotions, Sometimes I fangirled, Sometimes I laughed, Sometimes I felt humbled, I felt genuine kindness from people I’d never met, then I felt belittled. Which was a real shock.

I contacted a certain blogger who I had admired and supported for years now, asking if she would like to be friends and if I could feature her on this list, I know … how old am I? I mean is this not why we are all in this community, to find people just like ourselves who understand each other. Well after she explained that she didn’t want to be my friend, Oh the rejection, She quite bluntly said this was because I call myself and other chronically ill people Spoonies. She said it was embarassing and she wouldn’t want to be labelled or associate with anyone that wants to be labelled. Harsh, so harsh.

I mean Im proud to be a spoonie, We are some of thee strongest, nicest people I’ve ever known. We’re empathetic, compassionate and understanding. But you know now I think about it, She’s definitely not a spoonie, Because she’s none of those things, And I think the worst bit is she has literally thousands of followers. Which I think is the reason she has this snobby sense of entitlement.

Whilst sitting in my rejection I thought about the people who are proud to be called spoonies that inspire and motivate me to keep progressing. Before my encounter with this lady though, I would of counted her in this list, But I won’t promote negativity towards other chronic illness fighters, Nor will I mention her name as I don’t believe she deserves to be named and shamed just because we have different opinions.

I just wanted to be able to share with you all my favourite bloggers/ vloggers who all fight illness, But are some of the most positive, kind, compassionate rays of sunshine Ive ever come across.

Now I’d like to begin with one of my all time favourites:

Find Lauren’s blog here:

Find Lauren on Instagram: @itslittlelauren

Let me start by saying Lauren’s photo’s are literally unbelievable, I’ve never admired someone’s photography and editing skills so much before! They make you wanna get off your backside and create something. She’s so polite, kind and friendly, Somebody that you would really want as a friend. Lauren’s blog is about food, fashion and beauty, But she’s not your average blogger, She’s a spoonie too, I know.. Hard to believe looking at her flawless make up and stunning Insta feed, She’s so upfront about her illness and this shows that she’s so much more than her M.E. I know how hard it can be to get through the day and still feel like yourself sometimes. Lauren is absolutely smashing her blogging career, cooking up sweet treats and showing us all that you can be chronically ill and still look like a model! She has inspired myself and I believe thousands of people to be the best version of yourself, always, no matter how you’re feeling.

Secondly is a lady from my hometown of Manchester who has recently moved across the world:

Find Amy’s Vlog here: Amy’s Life

Find Amy’s Instagram here: @chronically.ams

I genuinely feel like I knoy Amy, Although we’ve never actually met before, Since finding my place within the spoonie community I’ve been watching Amy’s daily vlogs and following her on social media, and I can honestly say watching Amy with her can-do positive attitude has helped me so much when I’m feeling down, Plus she’s taught me how to prep my handbag for any occasion! Im still so amazed at how organised she is! Her response to people leaving hate on social media or not believing her illnesses is completely courageous and sincere, She’s so strong despite everything and seeing her bring so much joy, advice and kindness towards total strangers is such an uplifting and inspirational thing to read. And I’m just putting this out there but I’ve never seen anyone rock a nose tube quite like Amy does! Amy’s recently moved to Australia with her boyfriend to be with her family and to see her living her best life makes me smile myself, She helps our community by voicing her own experiences and showing that you can look stunning whilst chronically ill.

Lastly is probably one of the most driven spoonies I’ve ever come across:

Find Janni’s blog here:

Find Janni’s Instagram here: @chronically.janni

Janni is definitely a gal from my own heart; healthy foods, self care and mindfulness! Thats some of her most posted stuff and I love it all, So if that kind of stuff tickles your fancy, She’s your girl to follow! She’s got hair like a real life mermaid and pearly skin like Snow White, It’s really no wonder why her photos are always glowing! Janni’s not your average blogger too, Infact she doesn’t even class herself as a blogger, She says she’s probably more of an Instagram blogger and lifestyle influence, But all I know is I find her posts so honest, factual and some of the most helpful I’ve read (Especially her posts about anxiety!) Although she doesn’t post much on her blog, it’s on Instagram where she truly flourishes. Sharing photos of her daily life, Beautiful Finnish scenery, her super cute doggy, self care routines and of course delicious natural foods she makes (I mean look at those smoothie bowls! #dreamy) All of which along with her positivity and zest for life are the reasons why Janni is a true inspiration to me.

If you’re stuck in a rut and needing some motivation, Honestly read some of these ladies wise words, do some self care and You’ll feel like a whole new you.

Love Always,


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