How To Run A House Like A BOSS! (Spoonie Edition!) ..

Running a house is not easy by no means, Especially when you throw in a few chronic illnesses. Didn’t our parents make it look so much easier?

I moved out of my parents home around 3 years ago now,  Something I did whilst still undiagnosed, I grappled for that first year. We rented a room from a friend, then finally had enough saved up for our own home, which we highly overestimated that we could look after. Our first home together was a 4 bedroom, two bathroom townhouse, Since we were moving from just a bedroom and a shared bathroom we understandably had no furniture and no experience running a house. Which is coincidentally when my depression spiralled, Partially I think because I was so unprepared for everything around me, Learning to manage my condition, Trying to fall pregnant naturally, plus teaching myself how to run a house. (You can read about this time of my life here).

I fought my way through that time of my life which helped me collect a pile of tips on how to successfully retain energy, save money and still run a house and I’ve been wanting to share them with you all for so long now, So here goes!

I hope it helps you all be the BOSS SPOONIES I know you are!

  • Research local laundry services – My local laundrette has been a life saver! I would panic so much about my washing I would literally hide it from guests when they would visit. My washing pile was once so big I thought I’d never see the end of it, I mean I literally had 9 ikea bags full. My dryer is second hand and was costing around £10 a day to only part dry one load of washing, and when I’d have the energy I’d go to my local laundrette yet still only be able to get two of the bags done. One day I got chatting to the owner who said he offered a service wash and dry, with free collection and delivery. Now every week I bag up my washing and he collects, washes, drys, irons, folds and returns the following day too! All for £20! Which is unbelievable! I conserve my energy and still get clean drawers!
  • Online food shopping – This one should always be a given! I haaaate food shopping, I spend too much, I always end up buying rubbish not actually the food I went there for. It still means dedicating a few hours to get it right, making sure you have actual meal ingredients and not just snacks, Although snacks are important too! Delivery costs are cheap if youre flexible, I never pay more than £1 and always insist on long dates for my perishables. This is a must for me and I’ve been doing for nearly three years now!
  • Local cleaning companies are a godsend! – For a while I had relatives cleaning for me, Which I thought was working out fine but they never really did a good enough job for the money I was paying them, One would even hide rubbish under furniture instead of cleaning it, Another smashed a glass of ours and left the glass all over the kitchen floor cutting myself and almost my baby, Which is why I then paid professionals. I didn’t think I’d be able to afford it to be perfectly honest, But an hours clean by two staff members is £30 and a deep clean is £40. Which I learnt I couldn’t afford.cook I used to have a quick weekly clean and a deep clean monthly, But at £160 a month it was getting stupidly expensive, So after saving some of my energy from other areas, I can now do my weekly clean myself! And only pay for a weekly clean which is miles cheaper than what I would usually pay!
  • Batch cooking meals – I save an absolute fortune doing this, I buy lots of my food from the reduced food section or from my local wholesale market which is New Smithfield Wholesale Market. Batch cooking is the concept of cooking more than one meal at once and freezing them, So for example, If i get some reduced beef mince meat I’ll cook a Shepherds Pie, Chilli con carne and a Bolognese for a spaghetti bolognese.  I cook the food, Individually pack, label and freeze, I have three freezers (including a large industrial one we bought from a cafe which was closing) I have them in my garage and their like a lifeline for me when I’m in a flare, Mainly because my Stevens not a regular cook and is prone to ordering takeaways, If I batch cook it means I still get something homemade and full of vitamins plus we save money that we would of spent on the takeaway!
  • Another slightly expensive one, Employ a local gardener – My home previous to my current had a small patch of grass which I think Steven cut no more than twice in our six months living there, Fast forward to our current home and we have a garden six times the size with two patios. Now this is a garden which easily gets overrun, which in the summer is annoying as I like spending time out there yet never have the energy to garden. We also have an area sectioned off for the dog to do his business, Which Steven sorts every few days but doesn’t have the time to do the rest of the garden that’s why we hired a family member.  Someone who’s related to us who has a zero hour contract job and experience in gardening, Meaning we help one another out, He charges us small amounts to do our garden maintence and we help to top up his money the weeks when his hours are low. In an economy like this one, I bet there is more people than just our family member who knows the struggles of zero hour contracts. You may have a family member or friend like ours who can help you out, But you won’t get if you don’t ask!
  • Easily my favourite one! Free prescription delivery service – Now I’m not too sure how available this is everywhere but I know that in Manchester where I live pretty much every single pharmacy offers this, and lucky for me theres one in my doctors, and my doctors offers an order online repeat prescription service. Meaning when I’m running low on my medication I go onto my doctors website and order my repeat prescription, Afterwards I call the pharmacy and ask them to pick my prescription up when its available. Usually after 72 hours my medication is delivered and I’m all stocked up!
  • Get yourself an Amazon Firestick, Yeah really! – So my Sky subscriptions have been crippling me for so long now, Nearly £80 a month and I barely watch it! I pay less than £10 a month for Netflix and watch it most of the time in bed, When I do sit in the living room to watch tv, I’ve been using my Amazon Firestick which was a gift from Stevens friend, It has Kodi on it which I know isn’t the done thing or most conventional method of watching tv, But if you could save the money would you? I’ll let you know when I can eventually get out of my Sky contract and begin to solely use the Amazon Firestick to watch tv! At the moment it’s fantastic though and if you’re not in a Tv contract give it a try!
  • Offer younger siblings/ relatives pocket money for small chores – As Steven is the eldest of 13 siblings, This one has always been super easy for us! There’s always been a younger sibling eagar for a few extra pennies, If you don’t fancy washing up the pots, or changing your bedding yourself – get one of them to do it for you! Over the years we’ve literally done some of the laziest things ever, like texting Stevens little sister to come collect our plates from the bedroom, wash them and put away for £2 which is practically child labour hah!
  • Taxi accounts – This one may not be applicable to all companies but I know my local one offers this, For a few years now I’ve used taxi accounts so I don’t need to carry cash, This is especially helpful for medical appointments and hospital visits. All you need to do is call and enquire if this is something they offer, Then you just set a monthly direct debit up with them and its as easy as that! When I ring the taxi I quote my taxi account name and then they ask for the password, So keep it to yourself so your bill doesn’t run up!

Im really hoping this helps people, or at least gives you money saving ideas, The money saved in certain areas can be spent in others.

Always rememeber don’t waste your precious energy, Delegate!!


Love always,