Manc Phrases AKA How To Understand My Accent ..

As most of you may know, I’m from Manchester (If you didn’t know you can read about me here), Born and Bred in the city which grafts, quite literally actually.  This year my hometown had a horrific terrorist attack, And as Mancunians we reacted in the only way we know how to; With love and in union. There were countless acts of support, From local residents offering #RoomForManchester, Taxis offering people free lifts home and The ridiculous queues outside blood donation centres. We really do know how to stick by one another in times of need.

There’s been the odd few occasions on social media where I’ve used an absolute Manc word (Manchester accent) and nobody has understood what I mean, So to explain our own little language we use I’ve come up with a translator!

Whether you’re from Manchester and can relate or just fancy laughing at our in ability to pronounce most words, Enjoy!

  • ‘Bag’ / ‘Quid’ = Thousand Pounds
  • ‘R Kid’ = Term of Affection for friend or family member
  • ‘Barnet’ / ‘Swede’ / ‘Bonce’ = Head
  • ‘Newton’s’ = Teeth
  • ‘Mither’ = To get into trouble
  • ‘Gaggin’ = Want
  • ‘Dead’ = Very
  • ‘Ginnel’ = Alleyway
  • ‘Mint’ = Great
  • ‘Strop’ = Tantrum
  • ‘Scrikin’ = Crying
  • ‘Angin’ = Disgusting
  • ‘Dibble’ / ‘Five-O’ = Police
  • ‘Sound’ / ‘Decent’ = Good
  • ‘Buzzin’ = Ecstatic
  • ‘Mingin’ = Revolting
  • ‘Scrote’ = Scruff
  • ‘My Gaff’ = My House
  • ‘Give Your Head A Wobble’ = Rethink
  • ‘Reckin Ed’ / ‘Peckin Ed’ = Annoying Me
  • ‘Swear Down’ = To Tell The Truth
  • ‘Mi Stomach Thinks Mi Throats Been Cut’ = I’m Hungry
  • ‘You Don’t Get Out For Nout’ = Nothing’s Free
  • ‘Chattin Shit’ = Rubbish Talk
  • ‘Someones Seen Their Arse Ant They?!’ = Someone’s Annoyed
  • ‘Did They Cut Your Hair With A Knife & Fork?’ = You Have Bad Hair
  • ‘Eee Arrr’ = Excuse Me?
  • ‘Wind Yer Neck In’ = Mind Your Business
  • ‘Sayin Lad?’ = You Ok? Wuu2?


Like any region, We have our own dialect here but we also have our own saying. “This is Manchester! We do things differently here!”