Funny Things About Chronic Illness That YOU Can Relate To ..

Being able to see the funny side of things when stuffs going pretty shitty is seriously an art form, If you can relate to these then, you my friend possess this art form!

  • You have hospital selfies or pain relief high selfies on your phone or both!
  • You get a weird sense of comfort out of seeing other peoples medicine or hospital selfies like its totally everyones norm!
  • You’ll celebrate taking a shower or doing a small chore by taking a four hour nap and that’s perfectly acceptable because you’ve used up all your energy and are unable to do anything else.
  • You give yourself little pep talks when you need your body to cooperate.
  • Always looking drunk when in pain with no walking aids.
  • You could win awards for how rapidly you can binge watch tv shows – Netflix is afterall, a very serious business for us.
  • You want help doing things like housework and personal care but when you’re given help you feel sickeningly guilty.
  • Carrying a huge bag of ‘Just in Case’ items, because you know… you never know.
  • You love random little meaningless things like fresh clothing, having a clean and tidy living space, dreamy smelling bedding and cooking for yourself.
  • Some weeks you see your doctors and healthcare professionals more than you see your actual friends and family.
  • Sometimes you need to sleep so long that you mentally have no idea what day/ week/ month/ year it even is.
  • You sometimes have a better connection or more in common with people you’ve never met online than the actual ones around you.
  • You mentally calculate your weeks out – so if you need to do a thing tomorrow, then you need to rest today and rest the day after tomorrow, or even when you’re really struggling hour by hour planning.
  • Forgetting the slightest details and scarily laughing about it. (Example: Last week I had to give the pharmacist my postcode over the phone, and I gave her the wrong one, Which one did I give her? One from my childhood home, where I lived almost 14 years ago, I then cackled down the phone like a witch, As if this was a day to day thing, Little does she know it is for me).
  • Stuttering so badly that when you finally get your sentence out it sounds absolutely nothing like what you intended and the other person has no idea what you just said to them.
  • Constantly be on the look out for somewhere to sit – No matter where you are.
  • When out of the house, Counting down the hours until you can come home and hibernate once more in you snuggle spot.
  • My favourite because I’m awful, When using my wheelchair, Standing up to transfer to car or seating area and saying ‘It’s a Christmas Miracle’ when people are staring at me.

Well I hope I’ve given you a giggle and If you’re convinced you now possesses this art form also and can think of more funny little things, Let me know because I would love to hear yours!

Love Always,


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